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How can a newsletter help my business?

Legal Updates

Sending a newsletter periodically can keep your clients informed as to the current state of the law. Whether you are informing your business clients about the latest change in labor regulations or updating your clients on the change in the fee amount regarding drivers’ license reinstatement, a newsletter is a quick and easy way to keep your clients up to date on the current state of the law.

Increased Visibility

A newsletter also helps remind former clients that you are available to assist them with their current needs.  Rarely is hiring a lawyer a cause to celebrate.  All too often, clients come to lawyers after already having attempted to practice law themselves.   Sending a newsletter on a consistent basis allows you to remain in the forefront of your former client’s minds.  As they, or their friends and family, encounter legal challenges, your contact information will be readily available.

Increased  Familiarity

A newsletter is also a great way to introduce new staff.  Particularly for lawyers with ongoing client relationships, or extended representation, a newsletter is a way to help your clients feel connected with your firm.  When one is used to calling the firm and speaking with Peggy, it can be quite alarming when Julie answers the phone.  By using the newsletter to introduce Julie, and tout her accomplishments, and the many ways she can assist you, you put your clients more at ease.

Let Us Do The Work For You!

At Legal Blogger, we look forward to working with you to create a newsletter that reflects the changing face of your Law Firm.  You can focus on growing your client base, while we focus on content creation.


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