The Importance Keeping Fresh Content on Your Website and Blog

If you want a successful website that will generate traffic and bring you more business, you cannot simply create a website and forget about it.  Updating your website regularly improves interactions with potential customers, visitors and search engines.  Failure to maintain fresh content on your website can result in search engines viewing your site as a dead website with nothing new to offer.

Why is Fresh Content So Important?

Most people will acknowledge that fresh, quality content is important.  But why?

Frequent Updates Get Google’s Attention

Google is by far the most popular search engine on the internet.  Therefore, when Google says it likes frequently updated websites, it is probably a good idea to update your website frequently.  A site is considered updated frequently if it is updated at least two or three times a week.  Google is constantly scouring the internet for new content.  That content is then added to the Google index.  Updating your website frequently with quality content will give you a better chance of moving higher in Google’s ranking.  Each update improves your chances of moving higher.

Blogs are an excellent way to provide frequent updates.  This will allow you to easily add updated articles and provide information to your clients – and potential clients.  Any comments made by your readers will be considered an update on your website as well.

Inform and Update Your Readers

Sometimes we become so focused on search engines that we forget that the ultimate goal of your website is to inform readers and customers.  Updated content will keep readers engaged.  Why would someone come back to your website if it is always the same?  Outdated information will not earn you any customers.  There is a strong likelihood that the reader found you through a search engine.  That means they have access to plenty of other websites based on that same search.  Make your website stand out and readers are much more likely to stay, return, and refer others.

Keywords are Important and More Content Means More Keywords

Keywords are used by search engine algorithms and indexing.  Publishing new content will result in your website having more keywords.  It also allows you to optimize relevant keywords and attract the viewers you would like to your website.  Using keywords is important, but Google now wants them used as part of a natural flow.  Unlike previously, you simply cannot build your search engine optimization strategy around keywords and keyword phrases.

What Else is Important in Determining Freshness?

There are a number of other factors that may determine freshness.  These include:

  • Date of creation of the website;
  • Change to important parts of the website;
  • The amount of change to the website;
  • Creation of new pages;
  • Frequency of changes;
  • An increase in outside websites linking to your websites;
  • Amount of traffic to your website and how much time users spend there; and
  • Google may also favor what it considers authoritative websites.

Let Us Help You

We are quality content writers that are dedicated to making your life easier.  While you run your business, we consistently provide support by writing regular blog posts for your website.  Contact us today to see what we can do to meet your needs.


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