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500 words? 1000 words? Which is better?

 Where reasonable people do agree, however, is the fact that blog posts should be informative.  Both a 500 and 1000 word blog post can provide information to the consumer.  As such, the decision about the length of the post is best left to the personal preferences of the customer.

Rather than ask, “Which is better, 500 or 1000 words?” we at Legal Blogger prefer to ask, “Which is better, bite sized information, or a detailed post?”  At the end of the day, either answer is fine – it’s really just a matter of preference.

You may wish to offer your clients small pieces of information, in which case, you may opt for several 500 word blogs on a single topic.  Legal Blogger has written a series of 500 word blog posts covering the Rights of Birth Parents in a specific state, followed by the Responsibilities of Birth Parents in the same state.  For another client, a single 1000 wor post covered the same information.

For topics that are comprised of bite sized pieces of information, a 1000 word blog post entitled “Frequently Asked Questions about the Stages of a Workers’ Compensation Claim” allows for a brief discussion of varies relevant topics.


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