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Source: Wikimedia Commons and Coolcaesar

The Use of Blog Posts to Stay Relevant

In this day and age, practicing law without a website is almost unheard of.   While some lawyers create their own websites, many others turn this responsibility over to someone else.  This makes perfect sense, of course.  Most lawyers aren’t foolish enough to take a case outside their area of expertise, why should it be any different taking on the web?  That said, it is not enough to simply develop a fancy webpage.  To stay relevant to web crawlers, the website content must change regularly.  Accomplishing this effectively includes regular and consistent blog posting.

The Cost of Legal Content

Many lawyers start with the best laid plans, intending to blog once or twice a week.  Then things get hectic with the firm, the family wants what little time the lawyer has left, and the blog goes by the wayside.  Making the decision to turn blogging responsibilities over to a professional legal blogger is an important step.  Some attorneys want to review the content prior to posting it on their blogs.  Other attorneys hand complete control over to Legal Blogger.  Some start in the first camp and later move to the second.  To measure the cost of legal content, it must be balanced with the benefits of legal content.

Legal content not only keeps your website relevant, it informs your readers.  Who reads of your blog?  In addition to your mom, if you keep your blog posts fresh and current, lots of people.  In the old days, people simply opened the phone book and started calling lawyers.  Now people search the web, entering queries such as, “Does my employer have to provide me with personal protective equipment?” and “How do I adopt a step child?” and “DUI attorney.”

Let’s take the last one as an example.  Imagine you have a DUI attorney website, and your competitor has a DUI attorney website, along with a regularly updated blog, with posts such as, “How do I choose a DUI attorney?” and “5 mistakes people make when charged with DUI.”  Not only is your competitor’s webpage probably ranked higher by Google and other search engines, potential clients spend hours reading your competitor’s blog, while your webpage only offers a phone number and contact page.

Consider the cost of legal content as compared to the cost of lost clients.  Steady, informative blog posts expand your relevancy and the likelihood of attracting clients.


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