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What Is a Facebook Bundle and Why Would I Want One?


What is a Facebook Bundle?

A Facebook bundle is a series of Facebook posts that you can purchase to enhance your visibility.  The posts are relevant to you and your business.  Because we write them with your specific business goals, they are unique and specific to you and your business.  Once you receive the bundle, you post them over time.  Some of our clients post on Facebook daily.  Others prefer to post two or three times per week.  Alternatively, you may choose to approve the Facebook bundle and have LegalBlogger.net post them to your Facebook page, on a schedule of your choosing.

Why Would I Want a Facebook Bundle?

If you are going to have a Facebook page for you or your business, and you should, it is important that the page remains active.  You may not have the time to post regularly on Facebook, because your focus is on running your business.  Or perhaps writing Facebook posts is not in your skill set.  We are professional writers that specialize in blog posts and social media posts for businesses and individuals.  This allows you the freedom to focus on your business, while maintaining an active social media presence.

It is not enough to create a Facebook page and then forget about it.  Frequent posts keep you relevant in the minds of customers and friends.  Facebook and other social media are all about what is happening now.  If a Facebook user finds your page and the last post is from June, 2014, they will immediately lose interest and move on.  There is no point in establishing a Facebook page and abandoning it.  Creating a page knowing that you “should” makes no sense if you do not keep it current.

Facebook Bundles Make Sense

Purchasing a Facebook bundle is an inexpensive way to maintain an active social media presence.  Due to advances in technology, a significant number of people now receive most of their information from social media.  Updated content helps you stay current and relevant.  Particularly for lawyers, it reminds past clients that you continue to fight for the rights of people like them.