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Top Six Reasons to Hire


Source: Wikimedia Commens and Visual Content

1.  We Are Professional Writers

The writers at have experience writing posts for blogs, Facebook and other social media.  We have a number of clients that rely on us for regular legal content.  The writers at are professional and reliable.  We meet or exceed deadlines.  Finally, we produce relevant, unique and timely content.  The content we write for you belongs to you exclusively.  We do not share our work with other clients.  Furthermore, we keep our relationships confidential.  Because we honor your confidentiality, nobody knows who creates your social media unless you decide to tell them.

2.  We Will Keep Your Social Media Current and Relevant

It is not enough to create a blog or Facebook page and then forget about it.  Social media is all about what’s going on now.  In order to remain relevant, social media must also be current.  Using keywords is no longer enough to attract Google’s attention.  Fresh, quality content using keywords naturally attracts Google’s attention now.  If you hire, we will provide you regular, relevant and current social media content.

3.  You Can Focus on Your Business

You know that social media is important, but so is your business.  If you hire, you no longer need to worry about your social media.  We write appropriate, relevant posts while you can grow your business.  Your time is better spent growing your business and serving existing clients rather than posting on social media.  This is not to say that social media is not important, it is.  Let write your posts for you.

4.  You Want Your Website to Update and Inform Potential Clients

Potential clients want access to the latest updates about your firm and the latest updates on the law.  Keeping content updated keeps readers and potential clients engaged.  Having a website with outdated information and content will not earn you any new clients.  You want new content to stand out to potential clients so they stay at your website and ultimately consider your firm.

5.  Frequent Website Updates With Fresh Content Attracts Google

Google is constantly looking for fresh internet content.  Specifically, Google looks for websites with frequent updates.  Google considers websites “frequently updated” when the site adds content two or three times a week.  When Google discovers new content, Google notes this to the Google index.  If you update your website with quality content, this gives you a better chance of moving up in Google’s rankings.  Every update helps improve your chance of moving closer to the coveted first page.  Blogs make it easy to make frequent updates to your website.

6.  We Have Actually Practiced Law

Unlike other many other blog services, the writers at have practiced law, in the government and private practice.  Our writers have experience is virtually every area of the law.  We understand the practice of law and will write posts that will attract the attention of your potential clients.  After that, it is up to you to sign up the clients that your website and social media will bring in.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we ask you to consider giving the legal bloggers at a try for your legal blogging and social media needs.  We are quality content writers that are determined to make your life easier.


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