Legal Blogger

First blog post

We at Legal Blogger are delighted to be here.  After a combined 50 years of practicing law, we are ready to focus our gifts and talents elsewhere.  We are now dedicated to creating unique, interesting commentary for other lawyers.  We create content related to specific practice areas, general practice guides, and broader issues of interest.

Specific practice area blogs could include the following:

  • Understanding the Putative Father Registry;
  • Knowing Your Rights Under Workers’ Compensation; or
  • The Elements of Manslaughter.

General practice area guides could include:

  • Preparing to Testify in Your Divorce Proceding;
  • Keeping a Personal Injury Diary; or
  • General Rules of Guardianship.

Broader issues of interst could include:

  • Laboratory Safety;
  • The Costs of Adoption; or
  • Changing Requirements for the White Collar Overtime Exemption.

Legal Blogger also offers newsletters and other writing as the client desires.  We look forward to serving you.


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